Mr. Dan C. Gosbeth

Dear Medilodge
I wish to express our sincere appreciation for all that you continue do for my mother. From the assessment at the hospital to her ongoing care at your facility. Your staff has always been compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable about the difficulties a family member has when placing a loved one in a long-term care facility. Your staff eased those concerns by taking the time to provide a thorough assessment at the hospital and speaking with my mother and family to determine my mothers needs; in order to determine the necessary resources to provide for her ongoing care.
From what I have seen and heard from my family your staff operates as a team to further ensure that all my mothers needs are being met through your facility. The staff keeps my family and I well informed regarding her progress and is eager to assist in any manner possible to make her transition into your facility with the least amount of stress for all those concerned.
My mother has expressed to all of her family how she enjoys being at Medilodge and seems to be very active within the facility. Her happiness only further demonstrates your teams abilities as it relates to the ongoing care of my mother which will only further improve her quality of life. Medilodge is an asset to the community and the long-term care profession. May God bless all of you and know that your facility is in our prayers.

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